DRH Tennis Pro

Welcome to DRH Tennis Pro, a new unique feature designed to enhance the tennis coaching and tennis playing experience.


Developed over severeal years and in consultation with tennis coaches around the UK, the feature not only allows coaches and players to link and interact away from the court, but it also brings new exciting tools to help players of all levels reach and achieve their tennis goals. 

How It Works


DRH Tennis Pro allows you to connect with your tennis coach like never before by linking both coach and player accounts and allowing both sides to share information on the player's tennis development. There are 6 main elements of the DRH Tennis Pro feature.

They are: Player Goals, Player Badges, The LeaderboardPlayer Reports, Matches and Stats

Each element of the DRH Tennis Pro feature complements the tennis coaching experience between the player and the caoah. Each element is explained below. 

At DRH Sports we're always looking to improve and provide the best experience possible for our players and coaches. If you have any feedback about any of the DRH Tennis Pro features, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Connect to your tennis coach!

DRH Sports Tennis Pro allows you to enhance your tennis coaching experience by digitally linking the player and coach. By doing this players and coaches can share content relating to the player's tennis development needs. 

Simply go to the Coach Connect page and search for your coach. If they have a registered account with DRH Sports and are a verified coach, they will be listed on the page. 

Once you have found your coach, you can send a request to link a player within your DRH Sports account. The coach will then review the request and accept or deny. 

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Please ensure that you only request to link with a coach that a player within your DRH account is currently working with. Or you have been given express permission by a listed coach, to send them a link request. Our Coach Connect service is meant to complement the regular tennis coaching experience in addition to 1to1 lessons, group classes and competitions. 

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Create and share your goals

There are two types of goal setting that our unique system allows players to create. With either type, players must create and finalise goals before new goals can be set. If a player has linked to a tennis coach via our Coach Connect system, then they will be able to not only view the goals set by the player, but also comment on various sections before the player wishes to confirm and finalise the goals.

Why is goal setting important for tennis players?

Goal setting helps to focus attention and it is critical to maintain and enhance motivation. ... Goal setting gives direction both in the short term and the long term and you can see success as you achieve your short term goals. Essentially goal setting is a mental training technique that can be used to increase an individual’s commitment towards achieving a personal goal. 

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The two types of goals available are:

1) Beginner Goals - These goals are for players who are beginning their tennis playing journey. They are designed to be clear, simple, and easy to understand. There are 4 sections: My Big Dreams, Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term. Each section requires the player to input information about what they would like to achieve within a specific time frame.

Once the player has submitted their beginner goals, their coach (if linked) will be able to see and make comments in each section. The player and coach can then amend and fine tune their goals until the player is satisfied with the information. We recommend that players use the beginner goals until they are competing regularly and can move onto the advanced goals.


2) Advanced Goals - These goals are the next level up from the beginner goals and are more in depth and specific. These goals break down the Short, Medium and Long term goals into the main 4 areas of tennis. These areas are: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental.

For all competition players who are having regular coaching, these four areas will be just as important as each other and worked on together, will help a player become a well rounded on court player.

Please Note: Although a player will always want to achieve their goals, much of the time they will be reviewed and changed before the target is met. Goal setting is an ongoing process that helps a player evolve, progress and develop through their tennis journey.

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Achievements and the leaderboard

As tennis is an open sport with infinite variations, it can be challenging to track how and whether a player is improving. This can be the case all the way until a player becomes good enough to regularly compete, where matches become the player's way of grading their level. 

The Badges - At DRH Sports, we've created an exciting solution to this challenge by introducing our tennis award badges. These badges are based on tennis relevant skills tests players take part in throughout their coaching sessions. Each badge a player earns represents either a new skill or a certain score of a new skill the player has earned. The different badges take into consideration all the elements of the tennis game. From rallying, to serves, to racket skills to athletic ability. 

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The Leaderboard - Each of the badges a player earns is worth a certain amount of points. The harder the badge is to earn, the more points it will be worth. As a player accumulates badges, their score will increase, and thus, their position on the leaderboard will change. The leadboard will only contain players who are enrolled on current DRH Sports tennis coaching courses as badge points will either drop off after the course has finished or after a specific time frame.

Please Note: Our badges, points and leaderboard system is purely designed as a way to help players and parents have an insight into the player's early development. It is not an accurate way of measuring levels between players or to determine whether a player should move up groups. 

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Tennis Reports

Whether your player is enrolled on a DRH Sports tennis coaching programme or they are simply linked to their coach via our system, your player can receive progress reports from the coach. Getting feedback from your coach is extremely important in understanding how a player has been progressing and developing. It allows for parents and players to be more connected to the player's learning along with increasing a players motivation to work hard to achieve their goals. 

There are two types of reports offered to our players, End of Term and Player Reports. 

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End of Term Reports - This type of report is solely for players who are currently enrolled on coaching courses with DRH Sports. Our unique system allows us to be able to link tennis coaches to their group classes and therefor send all the end of term reports digitally. The End of Term reports are a set of pre-defined sections relating to the areas of a player's game. The coach simply checks the sections that apply to the player's level and achievements and adds in a short comment. 

If the player has taken part in any of the DRH Sports mid term tennis skills tests, then their test scores will be shown at the bottom of the report. 


Player Reports - This type of report is for players who are linked with a coach via our system. Player Reports are less structured, allowing the linked coach to have more flexibility in what and how much feedback they give to the player. 

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Our exciting matches section brings a whole new way to record and track your tennis matches. By allowing both player and coach (if linked) to create competitions and matches, alongside reports, feedback and match stats for each match, it allows players to have relevant and bespoke feedback about their game. Tennis coaches seldom get to see their players play and so too often have to rely on both player and / or parent to remember how each match went.

With our new system........... 

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..............matches can be reported on, uploaded, and shared with a linked tennis coach or player instantly. You can enter information about the match, along with feedback such as what went well, what could have been better and then any further information about how the game went.

Upload Match Charts - If you have watched a player play a game, you may have decided to chart their match. This does not happen often enough but can be a really powerful tool in a player’s development. If you choose to chart a match, you can upload it when creating the match report!

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Match Stats

Not only will our system allow you to upload your match charts, but you can also add in the basic match stat data and our system will tell you the entire match stats. How cool is that!

Find out your player's average rally length, percentage of 1st serves in, percentage of points won from 1st serve along with your average number of aces, double faults and loads more!

You can then look at a player’s average match stats for not only their last match, but the last 5, 10, 15, 20 and all time matches.

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This will be able to give the player, coach and parent the full and objective picture about a player’s game. Allowing for a clear pathway for development and progressing through the player's tennis playing journey.

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