Our holiday camps and COVID


Q: What procedures have been put in place to ensure my child’s safety whilst they are at camp?

A: We have put lots of procedures in place to ensure your child’s safety, your safety and the safety of our staff:

  • Clearly visible hygiene and social distancing signage: We will have lots of signage around camp encouraging and reminding all those at camp to keep the highest levels of hygiene and to keep to the social distancing guidelines. The queuing area at the welcome desk will also be marked out to ensure families are 2m apart from each other.

  • PPE: Disposable gloves, face masks and gowns will be available to all staff members if required. First aiders will wear gloves and masks when administering first aid.

  • Hygiene: All children and staff will be asked to wash their hands throughout the day: before and after eating, after using the toilet and when leaving the camp. Soap will be available in the toilet and hand sanitiser will be available at the welcome desk and each Group Leader will have hand sanitiser for their group to use. The coaches will set up a portable hygiene station at each base their group moves to, the station will contain: cleaning products for the coaches to clean all equipment after use; hand sanitiser, tissues and individual bin bags to safely dispose of used tissues before placing in the rubbish bin. Coaches will run through all the hygiene reminders as part of the morning meeting

  • Enhanced cleaning routines: Equipment will be cleaned after each activity and touch hotspots and surfaces will be regularly cleaned with disinfectant throughout the day.

  • Contactless sign in and out: Our welcome desk will be marked out so that families queuing to sign in or collect can queue safely, keeping a 2m gap between families. A contact-free sign in and out process will be completed by our Camp Managers and hand sanitiser will be available at the welcome desk.


Q: How will the day at camp run?

  • Arrival: On arrival at camp, families should make their way to the welcome desk where they will be greeted by the Camp Manager. We ask that only one parent is present for drop-off and collection to minimise any possible transmission. Your child will have already been pre-allocated a group and the camp manager will guide your child over to their group’s base where the coaches who will be looking after your child all morning will be waiting for them.

  • Collection: At the end of the camp each group will return to their base and parents should make their way to the welcome desk where the Camp Manager will coordinate the dismissal of the children straight from their groups with the help of the Group Leaders. We ask that parents only drop their children off and pick their children up at their allocated time to ensure social distancing can be fully observed and that children are able to go straight to their groups at the start of camp and be collected straight from their groups at the end of camp.


Q: How will the children eat their snack safely at camp?

A: Each group of children will be eating their snack separately and designated areas will be identified for each group to eat their food in. Groups will be supervised during breaktimes by their group coach and as always, we will have a strict no-nut policy due to allergies.


Q: What precautions will the coaches be taking?

A: The coaches will ensure the children are washing their hands regularly throughout the day and following the same guidelines themselves. The coaches will have hand sanitiser available for the whole group to use throughout the day.


Q: What do I need to pack for my child for a morning at camp?

A: We ask that you send your child into camp in clean clothes and that they bring all their belongings in one clearly labelled backpack that they can carry unaided. Their backpack should contain: a large filled water bottle; a lunchbox contacting a snack for the morning (NO NUTS); sun cream; a sunhat and a waterproof. Unfortunately due to social distancing measures that are in place we will be unable to help your child open any packets or peel any fruit so please ensure your child can eat their snacks and lunch unaided. Siblings must have separate backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles and sun cream as they may be in separate groups and we will not be able to allow children to share or mix groups. We ask that all property is clearly labelled.


Q: What will happen if a child shows symptoms of coronavirus whilst they are at camp?

A: The child will be taken to a designated isolation area and their parents will be called to collect them from camp. The group will move to another location and the area deep- cleaned. Any child who shows symptoms should be tested as soon as possible and remain at home until test results are received. Parents of children in camp will be advised of a possible case and if a case is confirmed this will be reported to Public Health England and we will follow their advice. We ask that no child is sent to camp if they feel unwell with any form of illness. 

Please note that if Public Health England require us to ask everyone in the group to self-isolate we will not be able to issue refunds for this, however we will offer you credit for us on a future camp. If the whole camp is cancelled due to an outbreak, we will credit but not refund any unused days.


Q: What will happen if my child has an accident and needs medical attention?

A: As always, your child will receive the best care and attention and will be treated by our first aiders. First aiders will wear PPE (disposable gloves, gown and mask) when treating your child to protect both your child and the first aider, as they will be coming into close contact with your child. Following our standard policies on accidents and injuries, each accident will be recorded and reported to you.



Q: In the event of another outbreak and we must go into lockdown again, will the camp close and will I get a refund on the days not used?

A: We take the safety of the children, families and staff very seriously and we will close the camp in line with government guidelines and will follow all protocol set out by the government and governing bodies. Any days not used due to the camp being closed will be credited to you for use on a future camp.