DRH Player / Parent Articles

The articles within this page have been carefully created in order to give players and parents an insight into all thing’s tennis development. They are meant as a guidance toolkit so that the journeys of young tennis players are nurtured correctly.

Article 1:

What can you expect from our classes? 
A guide to informing parents what they can expect from our DRH Sports tennis coaching classes.

Article 2:

Expectation VS Committment 
A guide to informing parents what they should expect from various commitment levels.

Article 3:

Gauging Player Progress
A guide to informing parents what to know and understand when trying to gauge player progress

Article 4:

Understanding my End of Term Report
A guide to understanding how to best interpret my recent end of term report from my coach.

Article 5:

Success, NOT Winning (coming soon)
A guide to informing parents on the values of success but not winning. What is sucess?