The DRH Pillars


Welcome to the DRH Sports Pillars, the 5 key princples that we believe are most important when learning and playing sport. These 5 Pillars stand as the benchmark for anyone taking part in a DRH Sports activity. We firmly believe that playing sport can be one of the best ways to learn important life skills, helping young people develop the tools needed to achieve their goals and also deal with challenges. Check them out below!


In order to progress and succeed at anything in life, you must dedicate your time, effort and energy consistently. By doing this, no matter whether it's at tennis, another sport or at school/work, you'll improve and are more likely to succeed. Dedication is arguably the most important aspect of tennis development.


Respect in tennis can come in many forms. Having respect for yourself, your opponents, your teammates, your coach and others who support you is key. We always want to promote players being humble on the court so having respect for yourself and others is an important ingredient in this process.


Leadership is an important attribute for us at DRH Sports. Although not necessarily a quality you would normally associate to tennis, becoming a capable leader allows a player’s confidence to grow alongside their ability to manage responsibilities.

Fair Play


Fairplay is an absolute must within our DRH programmes. Whether it be with line calls, the score or a players on and off court attitude, we strongly believe that all players should put fairplay at the forefront of their thoughts when playing the game.


Although tennis is predominantly an individual sport, it's important to promote teamwork as much as possible. We want players to feel part of something bigger than just themselves & know that not only can it be gratifying to stand with your teammates, but it's also easier to work out problems when done together.