Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions - the following applies to both Camp GO! and Coaching Courses

Definitions :

Activity: Any camp, club, course, event or activity organised and ran by DRH Sports Ltd.

Terms & Conditions: The terms contained in this document and any other document referred to within it.

Childcare Vouchers

DRH Sports LTD is now registered with Ofsted and therefore able to accept childcare vouchers as payment. Please see the list below of the voucher providers that we are currently registered with. If the provider that you are registered with does not appear on the list below then please email us at info@drhsports.co.uk.

To make a booking using childcare vouchers please email us at info@drhsports.co.uk with a detailed description of the booking that you would like to make and we will send you an invoice. We will soon be able to take childcare voucher bookings through the website.

- Computershare - 24767070

- Mychildcaervouchers (Eden Red) - P21144641

- Sodexo – 878811


  • It is your responsibility to make sure that you are there to pick your child up on time after their session has finished.
  • You should wear appropriate sports clothing, non-marking trainers, no jewellery and long hair should be tied back.
  • Any form of abuse towards any of our staff will not be tolerated.
  • Anyone that is deemed to be too disruptive to the class due to antisocial behaviour will not be allowed to continue on the course and no refund will be issued. However, every effort will be made to resolve any issues should this arise.

Child Protection

All our staff are DBS checked and have regular training in safeguarding in accordance with our qualifications/ insurance. They all act in accordance with our child protection policy – a copy of which is available on request. Please email info@drhsports.co.uk

Course/Camp cancellation/Refunds

  • Coaching courses & School Clubs: No refunds will be issued once enrolled in course/camp in regards to illness or injury, except on production of a letter from a doctor or medical professional.
  • Kids Camps: If you give at least 7 days notice before the camp date(s) you would like to cancel we will refund all monies paid, minus your deposit of 25% of the total amount per child per day.
  • If you give 3 days notice we will only refund you 50% of the total fee.
  • As we offer a discounted weekly price, if you wish to cancel a day(s) within a week, we will then recalculate your booking at the daily rate which may result in an additional charge.
  • (The following applies to tennis coaching classes) If you want to request to make up a class you will need to contact the head coach before the session is missed. Classes can be made up at a later stage in the term provided that you have let the Head Coach know at least 24 hours prior to the missed class and that there is available space in the class you intend to join. Missed classes must be made up within the intended term and cannot be carried over to future terms or be held in credit for other participants, camps or courses.
  • Any courses that have insufficient numbers of participants may be cancelled at the Head Coach or Camp Director’s discretion. In this case money paid will be refunded or another course may be booked if places available.
  • Sessions must be booked in advance to enable us to manage the coach to player ratio and so the coaching team can contact parents in the event of cancellation.
  • In the event that DRH Sports has to cancel an activity for any reason, alternative provisions to stage the activity at another time will be arranged and confirmed to all.
  • If you are unable to attend the alternatively arranged time you must confirm with DRH and we will try our best to accommodate you in another class.

Photography/Video footage

  • DRH Sports Ltd may from time to time take photographs/ videos of any activity. The use of which is solely for promoting and publicising DRH Sports Ltd.’s activities through relevant use on social media, our website and for advertising. Please note we cannot guarantee your child will appear on these.
  • Parents/ guardians that do not wish for their child to be photographed/filmed must make DRH Sports Ltd aware of this at the time of booking in writing, and before the activity starts to the lead coach. Please state this also on your DRH account.
  • Where possible we will inform parents/guardians at the start of an activity when we plan to take photographs/ videos.

Your Child’s Information

  • It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure that all details provided are accurate.
  • In particular, full info about each child, including medical and other special educational needs, and emergency contact info.
  • If we do not have all this information before camp starts, or before any session with DRH Sports begins, your child will not be allowed to leave your care.
  • We can’t take responsibility for the child until we have all of this information.

Data Protection

  • DRH Sports Ltd will hold all personal data in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Special Requirement

  • DRH Sports recognises that the needs of individual children vary, and will endeavour to accommodate children with specific needs and medical conditions within the camp environment.
  • It is our policy not to exclude any child due to specific needs and/or medical conditions wherever possible.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform us of any medical conditions, special educational needs, or disabilities when booking online or over email so we can discuss how best to accommodate the child and consider whether there are reasonable adjustments which can be made to ensure they are able to fully participate and enjoy the activities within the staffing ratios.
  • The needs of each child vary so decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and depend upon the level of support each individual child may require.
  • Our staffing ratio procedure requires two members of staff at least at all times. We can’t accommodate our ratios for any specific needs or medical conditions.
  • Where we feel that a child is not coping within these ratios, we reserve the right to ask the parent/carer to come and collect their child. No refund will be available.
  • Where a child does require one-to-one support, DRH Sports ltd will permit parents/carers to attend camp to support their child, providing they are fully DBS checked and vetted.
  • DRH Sports does not provide one-to-one support.


  • DRH Sports is committed to ensuring every adult/child has a great time on our coaching courses or camps. If you or your child is not happy with the service, we provide then we'd like to hear about it.
  • In the first instance raise it with the senior coach at the activity. He/she will deal with the problem in accordance with our policies and procedures.
  • If your problem is not resolved to your satisfaction then please write to our customer services team at info@drhsports.co.uk within 7 days of your child’s attendance of the activity. We will respond to your complaint within 28 days.
  • We take your views and complaints very seriously and will endeavour to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.
  • Refunds will only be issued if DRH Sports Ltd is proven to be in breach of its T&Cs.

Personal Property / Lost Property

  • DRH Sports cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings whilst attending a DRH Sports Ltd activity.
  • Please ensure that your children don’t arrive to one of our activities with valuables.
  • Lost property for any activity held at Milton Keynes Tennis Club will be kept in our lost property container for 2 weeks.
  • If you leave an item at a leisure centre or other venue and we find it, we will take it with us and keep it at Milton Keynes Tennis Club for 2 weeks.
  • If an item is left at one of our external venues and we don’t find it the leisure centre will hold on to it in accordance with their policy.
  • No electronic tablets, mobile phones or recording devices are permitted during any of our activities. Please ask your child to pass such items to a member of staff for safekeeping.

Health and Safety

  • A full risk assessment will be carried out before any activity takes place at a new venue.
  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are providing consent for DRH Sports Ltd professionals to administer all necessary first aid to your child as required at any time.
  • For safety reasons it is compulsory for all attendees to wear shin pads on any activity that involves football, hockey or other contact sports. DRH Sports Ltd reserves the right to refuse permission for any child not wearing shin protection to participate. – We advise shin pads are worn.
  • Any participant wearing earrings will need to have them removed prior to attendance or, for newly pierced ears, they must be covered with appropriate tape.
  • It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure appropriate clothing is worn and/or available for their child for the activity being undertaken and weather conditions. If a child arrives without the appropriate clothing the coaches have the right to send them home.

Medical Conditions

  • Any medical conditions that any participant may have must be fully disclosed
  1. When you create your account with DRH.
  2. To the lead coach of the activity or at the venue.
  • If the booking is made outside of the website then the medical concern must be disclosed to the lead coach and camp director.
  • Any child with allergies must have an Epi-pen with them or we must exclude them from an activity.
  • Any child with asthma must have their inhaler with them otherwise we must exclude them from the activity.
  • If your child has any medical condition which requires equipment they must bring it with them otherwise we are not allowed to have them participating.

Leaving an Activity

  • All children must be collected and dropped off by a parent or guardian and they must sign in and out with a member of DRH staff.
  • Any child that normally walks home unaccompanied from any activity will only be allowed to leave unaccompanied if a parent or guardian has provided written consent prior to the activity starting. – any child aged 12 or under must be collected.


  • DRH Sports has a responsibility for ensuring the well being and safety of all children in our care and have approved procedures for managing behaviour.
  • The company follows a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination, bullying and persistent poor behaviour of any kind, irrespective of any special needs.
  • On rare occasions, and in more serious cases, we reserve the right to ask parents to remove children from camps/ sessions for the remainder of day/lesson or for the entirety of a camp/term.
  • DRH Sports reserve the right to exclude any child for any reason at its absolute discretion, including, persistent late collection. No refund will be made for days missed and no compensation will be made for any other cost or losses incurred as a result. Any costs associated with the exclusion will be the parents’ responsibility.
  • We reserve the right to exclude a child at any time prior or during a session due to illness. The parents/ carer will be expected to come and collect their child.

Policies & Procedures

Copies of DRH Sports Ltd’s policies and procedures can be made available upon request from info@drhsports.co.uk


  • The information on this site is updated regularly. However, we hereby exclude any warranties (whether expressed or implied) as to the quality, accuracy, efficiency, completeness, performance and fitness for a particular purpose of the site.
  • These T&Cs form the entire agreement between you and DRH Sports Ltd.
  • By booking an activity with DRH you are acknowledging your full acceptance of these T&Cs and confirm that you have not relied on any other representation other than those contained within these T&Cs.
  • If any term within these T&Cs is found to be unenforceable by a competent Court then such a term shall be struck out, but the remaining terms within these T&Cs shall continue in force to the full extent permitted by law.
  • These T&Cs are governed by English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

Camp GO! Terms and Conditions - the following applies only to Camp GO!

Bookings/ Payments

  • DRH Sports Ltd bookings are strictly limited to availability.
  • The booking customer must be aged 18 or over.
  • Bookings made online or by telephone will be confirmed by email. A booking is confirmed when we receive the appropriate deposit and/ or childcare vouchers, and receipt of these constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • DRH Sports accept payment by credit card, debit card and childcare vouchers. We do not accept payment by cheque or Paypal.
  • A deposit of 25% of your booking cost is non-refundable.

Coupon Codes/ Discounts

Sibling Discount – 10% – Coupon is: sb10 (this coupon code must be entered at the checkout page when completing your booking).

This discount applies to two of more courses being booked for siblings. The booking for both players must be made at the same time.

Changing your Booking

  • You can change your booking once for free providing there is space and suitable numbers.
  • There is a £5 booking charge for every change after that.
  • In order to change your booking you must email info@drhsports.co.uk


We can only accept children aged 4.5 and above.

If your child is four years old or younger on August 31st 2017 they can only attend 4 hours in a single day.


  • All players must treat all equipment with respect at all times.
  • If players damage equipment there will be a fee dependent upon the item.

Inclement Weather

  • In the event of inclement weather you must assume the camp will go ahead unless you hear otherwise from a member of the coaching team.
  • We have limited indoor space at MKTC so if we need to cancel the camp due to bad or insufficient numbers then participants can transfer their booking to the Multi-sports camp at Oakgrove Leisure Centre.

Extended Care

  • Our standard extended care hours are 8:15-9am and 4-5:30pm and can be booked at an additional cost.
  • Some venue times vary and this is confirmed at the time of booking.
  • Extended care can be cancelled. If you give us 7 days notice or more before camp starts we will refund you in full.
  • With less than 7 days notice, no refund is payable.
  • If you wish to move extended care to a different camp day, this is possible with 7 days or more notice free of charge.

Late Pick-Up

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for the standard 4pm finish time you will be charged the late pick up fee of £10, provided there is late stay occurring.
  • If there is no late stay, or if you are late for extended care, we will charge you £20 for every 15 minutes you are late to pay for staff costs.
  • This applies if there is no communication from the parent, if you communicate with us the fee will be down to the coaches’ discretion.
  • If we have no contact from a parent/ guardian we will have to call social services after 6pm and you will be charged.

Tuck Shop

  • We advise your child brings no more than £2 for the tuck shop.

DRH Sports Ltd’s eating policy is reinforced throughout any activity and staff will encourage children to eat their packed lunches before buying from the camp shop.

Notice of Absence

  • If a child is not attending a scheduled day of camp, parents/ carers must telephone the camp manager or head office to allow us to update records.

Programmes & Activities

  • From time to time, we may need to change venues, dates, activities and courses for reasons within or outside our control.
  • Activity programmes are subject to change in the event of unsuitable weather or other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Timetables displayed on camp are a guide and are subject to change.
  • We can’t guarantee certain activities will 100% happen on certain days.
  • In exceptional circumstances we may have to cancel particular dates at a venue, and in this event, we will try to give those booked as much notice as possible and offer a suitable alternative.
  • If no alternative is available, we will refund all monies paid for the dates cancelled.
  • If our tennis camp gets cancelled due to inclement weather or insufficient numbers we will transfer all bookings to our multi-sports camp at Oakgrove Leisure centre, if they are both running on the same day. This is due to the close proximity of the leisure centre to MKTC and we hope it should be easy for parents to make the change. We will give you as much notice as possible.

DRH Sports Coaching Courses Terms and Conditions - the following applies only to Coaching Courses

Bookings/ Payments

  • DRH Sports Ltd bookings are strictly limited to availability.
  • The booking customer must be aged 18 or over.
  • For coaching courses, you book on at the beginning of each term. If you book on part way through the term, there is a reduced price dependent on how many weeks are left.
  • In some circumstances special payments can be made, if you are signing up more than 3 people in a term. Entire family etc.
  • Bookings made online or by telephone will be confirmed by email. A booking is confirmed when we receive the appropriate deposit and/ or childcare vouchers, and receipt of these constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • DRH Sports accept payment by credit card, debit card and childcare vouchers. We do not accept payment by cheque or Paypal.

Coupon Codes/ Discounts

To receive the early bird discount price (12% off) you must enter the following coupon code at the checkout page: EARLY.

This coupon can only be used during the specified early bird offer dates and cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupons, discounts or offers. Once the early bird deadline has passed, only one coupon per booking can be applied.

Sibling Discount –10% – Coupon is: sb10.

Multiple booking discount - Coupon is: mb10 (10%) This coupon can only be used if one participant is booking onto 2 our more coaching groups.

Family Discount -Coupon is: fam10. (10%) This coupon can only be used for 3 or more members of the same family are booked onto courses. Must include at least 2 adults and one child.

Taster Sessions

You are allowed to try a taster class for maximum of 2 classes to the head coach’s discretion. You can only try any particular session one time.

Equipment (Borrowing Rackets)

  • The first two times you are allowed to borrow a racket free of charge.
  • After this, rackets cost £2 to hire for children and  £4 for adults.
  • All players must treat all equipment with respect at all times.
  • If players damage equipment there will be a fee dependent upon the item.

Group Sessions/Inclement Weather

  • In the event of inclement weather you must assume the group will go ahead unless you hear otherwise from a member of the coaching team.
  • Any sessions cancelled by us prior to the start time will be made up at another time of our choosing.
  • If the weather turns bad once a session has started the coach will ensure the children are picked up or engaged in activities and the session will not be made up at a later time.
  • The coach may leave the club after 15 minutes passed the start time if nobody shows and has not been warned of your late arrival.