MKTC Mini Club Champs 22

Thank you for entering your child in the MKTC Mini Club Champs event 2022. 


Please Note:
Due to the extremely high temperatures that have been forecast for the 25th July, we are amending the start times for the 8Us and the 9Us.

The 10Us will be moved to another date (more info to come). 
We're currently awaiting approval for upcoming Sundays from MKTC. As soon as I have them all 10U parents will be notified.

We apologise to all parents for the inconvenice the time changes may cause. Please understand that the safety of the children is our top priority. MKTC does not have lost of shaded or cooler areas. 

Event Information and Timings 

Please ensure that you arrive at the specified time in order to make sure your child is warmed up and ready to play by the start time. We hope that each event takes no more than 2 hours (although this cannot be guaranteed.


Event Name Date   Arrive At     Start Time  
8U Mixed Singles     17th July   08.45 09.00
9U Mixed Singles    17th July   08.45 09.00
 10U Mixed Singles    TBC TBC TBC


Each event will be played in a round robin format and is either comprised of a single or multiple boxes. Each event has a designated 'run time' whereby as many rounds will be played within that time. The hope is to get through all the rounds in the event however this may not be possible as matches can last longer than expected. In this case, the organisers will ensure that the players have all played the same number of rounds. 

At the end of the 'run time' period the total scores will be calculated for the event and the player with the top number of points will go through to play either a semi-final and final or a final and 3rd/4th place play off. Click on the event name below to see the rules for that particular event.


8U Mixed Singles / 9U Mixed Singles / 10U mixed Singles 
The above pages will have live results so you can use these links to check the progress of the matches in real time

Parent Guidance

Whilst we fully appreciate that players will want to win matches and parents will want to see their young players doing well, please remember first and foremost that this is meant to be a fun and relaxed event. For some players this may by their first competition experience and for others this could be one of many competitions they have played recently. 

We encourage parents to support and cheers for their players however please make sure that during matches you do not communicate with your players or give them advice on how to play or what to do during games. 

If during a game, there is an issue or a player needs some assistance, they will be instructed by the tournament organiser to raise their racket in the and wait for assistance.

Event Rules

In each event, there will be 3 points awarded to the winning player and 0 points awarded to the losing player. After the 'run time' is completed and all players have played an equal number of matches, the scores will be totalled and the top players will be moved forward to the next stage (either a final, a semi final or a 3rd/4th place play-off).

Once the event has finished, players will be awarded medals and photos taken (please let the organisers know if you do not wish for your child to be included in these photos). 



If you have any questions on the day, please speak with the event organisers Steve and Caitlin. However if you have any questions before the event, please contact the head coach Dominic Ross-Hurst on 07929341226.