My Player Map - Explained!

What is 'My Player Map' ?

My Player Map is a progress tracker which charts a player's journey through a term with DRH Sports. Each Mini Tennis player will receive their map in their first class, the map comes with a plastic wallet and lanyard to keep it safe. Make sure your child writes in their name and group on their first day of term!


How does it work?

A player's map will build up as they progress through a term. They will earn attendance stickers each week and will be scored on their rallying, serving and racket skills twice a term. As well as this, players will be rewarded for their attitude and for completing various other tennis related activities throughout a term such as: attending matchplays; having individual lessons; attending half term camps and for freeplay with their friends and family!


Who is My Player Map for?

Every Mini Tennis Player in our programme will get their very own player map. Our vision for the player map is that over the years a player will complete and collect maps from their days at Mini Red … all the way through to Mini Green! It will show every player's individual tennis journey! Player Maps for our CLUB started in January 2018 and have been an awesome success! We can't wait to introduce the maps for our Development and Team in April 2018!


What do we hope the Player Maps will achieve?

We hope, as a result of the Player Maps, that our mini players will grow their own personal desire to improve their tennis. When the motivation comes from the players themselves, that is when progress can really happen. Tennis is a tough skill sport to learn so finding a way to reward and track improvement is vital to keeping players motivated.


This is the main page on our Spring Term 2018 Club Maps and this is where you can see a player's journey through a term on one page! This map rewards a player's attendance, their attitude, skills they've practiced and events and activities they've participated in. The theme for this map is the Australian Open – every map will be themed differently depending on the grand slam being held at that time. Maps for our Development and Team players will be arriving in Spring 2018. We also have a bespoke DRH Performance folder arriving this year for our performance minis and juniors.

How do we track skills and progress?

We score and monitor three main skills twice every term to see how the player's are improving. These skills are: Rallying, Serving & Racket Skills. We chose these three elements as they can be objectively monitored and scored and because they are very important in tennis.

Rallying is a very important skill to practice often, it brings together all the technical skills of every groundstroke and tests player's on their ability to read the ball, move to the ball, and be co-orperative with their partner.


Serving is vital and takes lots of practice to master, it can be argued the serve is the most important shot as it starts the point.


Racket Skills is a way we can score and monitor coordination and racket control.

What are the attitude achievements and why do we include them?

While our main job is to develop tennis players, it is also our responsibility to grow and develop the person.
The Values of Sport are relevant in all areas of life; to encourage these behaviours now will help the kids succeed in whichever area they aspire to succeed in.



We will award a player with their listening sticker if they are consistently quiet and attentive when the coach is demonstrating or explaining. The players who listen well are likely to learn and improve quicker.


This reward sticker will go out to players if they help the coach pick up cones and equipment and balls quickly and sensibly when told to do so.


We will award a player with their teamwork sticker for actions like: always working hard with their partner or being supportive of another player who may be struggling with a skill.


We will award a player with this sticker when they consistently display good examples of fair sportsmanship like: always shaking their opponents hand graciously after a win or loss; trying their best whether their opponent is weaker or stronger.

How can my child move up to a Development Group?

We're confident that if a player completes all the parts of the map we would expect them to move up, within one to three terms, depending on their preexisting skill level. If only the minimum is achieved each term, it can take multiple terms/years to move up. Sometimes the players will move up in age before they move up in skill. We're confident we lay the foundation for a good development path but the responsibility falls on the player/parent to do what is required to make that happen.

    In order to move up from Club to Development you must have achieved the following stages on the map at the end of a term:
  • < 90% Attendance
  • 2/3 Matchplays
  • 2/2 Freeplay
  • 4/4 Attitude
  • Have achieved GOLD level by the second attempt on rallying, serving and racket skills.

* The rallying must have been achieved from the baseline.



The below homework tasks have been carefully created to give players and parents information on what they can do in order to improve their tennis outside of their coaching sessions. 

Please select 2 tasks from each of the secitons below and perform them as many times over the term as you can. 

Enter the task code in the My Player Map Insert, then mark how many times you have completed it. Enjoy!

ABC & Fitness

TAPU10 - 10 tap ups in a row keeping your feet still

TAPU20 - 20 tap ups in a row keeping your feet still

TAPD10 - 10 tap downs in a row keeping your feet still

TAPD20 - 20 tap downs in a row keeping your feet still

SKIP10 - Perform 10 skips in a row without a mistake

SKIP50 - Perform 50 skips in a row without a mistake

SKIP100 - Perform 100 skips in a row without a mistake



FREEPLAY - spend 30 minutes or more playing tennis outside of the coaching sessions with a parent or friend.

RALLY10 - Have a 10 shot rally with a parent or friend without making a mistake from near or on the baseline (this alone does not count as freeplay unless more than 30 minutes)

RALLY20 - Have a 20 shot rally with a parent or friend without making a mistake from near or on the baseline (this alone does not count as freeplay unless more than 30 minutes)



THROW - Throw a tennis ball overarm with serving action 25 times to a partner

SERVES - Practice hitting 30 or more serves outside of the coaching group (this alone does not count as freeplay)

SERVESIN - Hit 10 serves in to the correct service box from the relevant baseline

SERVESIN* - Hit 5 serves in to the correct service box in a row with no mistakes from the relevant baseline



GAME - Play a tie break to 7 points against any other player

SET - Play a set (fast4 or normal set to 6) with any other player outside of the coaching session.

MATCH - Play a tennis matches outside of the coaching sessions

MATCH2 - Play any tennis match at an external venue to MKTC (this has to be in a tournament environment)


Disclaimer: In order for a player to move up a group there must be space available in that group and the player must be the right standard to enter the desired group. If there are no spaces available in the group above we have the right to not move a player up even if they have completed all the above attributes until space becomes available. As well as this, the standard of the player has to fit in with the desired group, a final decision about whether a player is capable enough to move up will be made by the coaches. At the coaches discretion, we can move players up or down to fit the best interests of that player's development.

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